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We are a Canadian-based human-first design studio. Our mission is to empower brands to achieve their goals through scalable and innovative solutions, meticulously crafted with a foundation in data and research.


We are a bunch of crafty crows who firmly believe in fostering the human connection.

We are driven and committed to incorporating cutting-edge design solutions building a harmonious synergy between human creativity and technological innovation.

Our mission is to redefine design paradigms, make data driven informed decisions, leverage AI to enhance user experiences, streamline processes, and create visually compelling future-forward sustainable solutions. Our intent is to empower businesses so they may thrive in the ever evolving digital landscape, where aesthetics and intelligence converge to deliver unparalleled brand elevation.

Queue hard work montage!

The Crafty Crows team is exactly what they say they are. With little to no direction, we managed to build out our SAAS platform using an outstanding design process informed by research and skill.

Jesus San Roman

Co-founder Binfluencer

Working with Wasiq and the Crafty Crows team was like working with friends I didn't know I had. Their artistry, professionalism, and eye for detail took the Girl All Alone animated video to a level I could only have dreamed of. Thank you Wasiq and the other Crafty Crows for this amazing piece of art.

Tucker Harley Brown

Singer & songwriter

Product Design & Strategy

We build systematic processes for conceiving and shaping your product. Taking advantage of direct to sale strategies and modern aesthetics, we craft revenue driving experiences that offer optimal functionality and customer satisfaction.

Research & Planning

We leverage feedback methodologies to understand behaviour and motivation of your users helping you create personalized experiences that resonate with your guests. We help you build top-notch products that leverage modern technology while being cost-effective and scalable.

Usability Testing

We utilize cutting edge tools and modern evaluation processes to ensure your online products offer optimal functionality and experience that meets your audience expectations. 


We will help you build a distinct and memorable presence by encompassing your company’s voice, values and virtues, to ensure your audience knows exactly who you are. From guidance to ready-to-deploy assets, we will help you shape your company’s brand identity across all channels - every step of the way.

Design Thinking & Development

Our human-centered approach allows us to create experiences that convert and increase engagement. Our functional design solutions are backed by data, enhanced by modern technologies and crafted with empathy.

E-commerce Solutions

We excel at delivering scalable e-commerce solutions to help you hit your revenue goals, build a loyal customer base and grow at your own pace. We build shopping experiences that are flexible, sustainable and secure for both B2B and B2C models.

Marketing & Advertising

We are crafty in creating content that is desirable and shareable, increasing your organic reach. Our tailored campaigns help you stand out from the crowd while ensuring excellent lead generation, conversion and engagement.

Search Engine Optimization

We expertly enhance online visibility through optimization and implementation of wide range of activities. Our strategy ensures higher ranking and exposure, organic footprint and enhanced discoverability. We offer customized strategies based on your needs.


We help bring your ideas to life through animation. Let us establish a lasting impact by elevating your brand voice through
micro-animations or by creating visually captivating videos.

Our Services